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UPI QR (Scan & Pay) is a digital payment acceptance channel displayed at the merchant establishment to facilitate receipt of payments by scanning the QR Code from any UPI linked mobile app. A UPI QR code based payment solution represents a new channel of initiating and accepting payments between buyers and sellers (or consumer and merchants) using mobile phone.

How Do Merchant UPI QR Codes Work?

When a customer scans a merchant UPI QR code, the payment app on their mobile device reads the code and displays the information it contains. The customer can then review the details and confirm the transaction. Once verified, the payment is transferred directly from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s account, with no need for cash or card transactions.

Benefits of Using Merchant UPI QR Codes

Instant confirmation:
Merchant Can confirm his transaction with SMS/Mobile App/Voice alert etc.

Wide range Of Payment Acceptance:
Accept payment from all UPI or mobile Payment App including Google App, Paytm. Bharat pay and more. & also received Debit card, credit card, Internet Banking.

Faster Transactions:
Merchants can perform quick and easy transactions without using cash or cards with UPI QR codes.

Reduced Costs:
Using a merchant UPI QR code can help reduce merchants’ costs, as there is no need for expensive card readers or other equipment.

Increased Security:
By using a merchant’s UPI QR code, customers can make secure payments without sharing their bank account details; this can help reduce fraud risk and other financial crimes.

Easy to Use:
UPI QR codes make it convenient and user-friendly for merchants to identify customers using a UPI-enabled mobile app.

Improve Business Operation:
Merchant Business App with advance feature & Facility. Online Digital Store, Sales Khata, Send Greeting etc. Facility.

Eligibility For Shivsahyadri QR code for Business

Merchants need to have a Current account with Shivsahyadri Sahakari Patpedhi Ltd.

KYC Completion Digital or Manual.

Smart phone (Presently Android).

Data connection.

UPI QR Code Sound Box

The UPI QR Sound box is a small portable speaker for daily payment alerts, which comes with a SIM based connectivity.

When a customer makes a payment by scanning an UPI QR code the Sound box will notify merchants of successful payments with a loud alert.

This device can be mapped with Merchant UPI QR and all payments received on scanning the QR will be announced.

Contact nearest Branch for getting UPI QR code soundbox.


Merchant QR for Business