Prepaid Card

Shivsahyadri Patpedhi’s Prepaid Card.

Prepaid Card

Shivsahyadri Prepaid Card

Shivsahyadri offers you a payment solution in the form of a Prepaid Card through an ICICI bank. With this card, the cardholder can withdraw funds from ATMs, Online Purchasing on E-commerce sites, and make purchases at merchant outlets having Point of Sale (POS) machines. The card features can be customized as per the requirements. It is a popular alternative to debit card, Through which the customer can avail banking services

How does the Pay Direct Card work?

ICICI Bank Pay Direct Card offered by Shivsahyadri is a reliable and convenient option to make payments to your affiliates. By pre-loading the amount from their linked savings account onto the card, the customer can then use the card to purchase goods and services in person or online, get instant access to their funds through online purchases or ATMs. This card also offers an additional level of security to company and organization customers.


To Buy Shivsahyadri Pay direct Card :

Email us at – [email protected]
Contact us : Our nearest Branches.

Features & Benefits

Safe and secure.

No Required Minimum Balance.

Zero Cost Liability for Unauthorized Transaction.

Rs. 2 Lakh Accidental Policy Coverage for Card holder.

Enabled For making payment for online Purchase.

ICICI BANK 24x7 Customer Service

Card Holder can be used ICICI ATM anywhere in India for free service.

3D secure PIN Security Provided By ICICI Bank for the Purpose of authenticating the card holder while making online payment using the card.

Card Holder Control or Card Management Through Shivsahyadri Mobile Banking Application, ICICI Application and online self Portal.

EMV stands for Europay Mastercard and Visa, the companies that created this technology. EMV chip cards have sophisticated security measures that prevent illegal transactions and malpractices, such as skimming and cloning of cards.

Lost Card Blocking and Replacement – if an Customer loses his card, all he needs to call ICICI bank customer care and other immediately option to block the card. Once a positive verification is made, the lost card will be blocked and new card request will be initiated.

Fees & Charges

Transaction Type
Transaction Charges
Joining Fee
Annual Fee
Rs. 275 + GST as applicable
Card replacement, Lost, Renew #
Rs. 199 + GST as applicable
Cash Withdrawal from ICICI Bank ATM’s
Cash Withdrawal from Non ICICI Bank ATM’s
Rs. 20 + GST as applicable
Balance Inquiry from ICICI Bank ATM’s
Balance Inquiry from Non ICICI Bank ATM’s
Rs. 8.50 + GST as applicable
Inactivity Fee *
Rs. 25 + GST as applicable
# card replacement fee is applicable on lost and expiry cards.
* Inactivity fee will be levied on cards which have not been replaced for a period of 3 months post expiry, where auto replacement fee has been levied.

Self-Care Portal

Aiming to provide in class technology, the self-care portal will allow the cardholder an easy monitoring of their card level activities and data at their fingertips.

Self Care Portal
Raise Service Requests

Customised dashboard insights

Metrics indicating total and available credit and cash limit, current outstanding, total and minimum amount dues, cash advances and much more.

Raise Service Requests

Card controls

Activate/Deactivate Domestic and International (ATM, POS, Ecom, Contactless) Transactions of your card.

Raise Service Requests

Enjoy multiple functionalities

Seamlessly manage per transaction type card limits, view generated statements, temporary block on cards, PIN generation and much more.

3D Pin Secure Service

Register for 3D secure

Online or mobile convenience

You can now secure your online payments using your ICICI Bank Debit Card with a second layer of security through Verified by Visa/ Mastercard SecureCode.

All you need to do is a one-time registration and you will be protected against any unauthorised purchases using your Debit Card. The SecureCode is a unique password that can be changed as per your convenience. What’s more? You can also be assured of the authenticity of the online website with a personal assurance message that can be customised by you. The one-time registration can be done while initiating payment at any online store which has enrolled for this service.

Authorisation through 3D SecureCode is only valid for Non Resident Indian (NRI) and Business Banking Debit Cards. All other Debit Cards will require One Time Password (OTP) authentication for online transactions.

Report Fraud

Report an Unauthorized Transaction

Report Fraud

If you are a victim of online fraud, reach out to the National Cyber Crime at, call the helpline on 1930 or call ICICI Bank’s helpline on 18002662.
Always remember:

Do not click on any links in the e-mail received from an unknown person

Do not share any confidential/sensitive information with anyone.

If you have received any phishing/suspicious e-mails, please report it to [email protected].

To block your Credit or Debit Card and protect it from further unauthorised transactions, you may

Use Internet Banking

Call our Customer Care


Prepaid Cards:

To block the prepaid card, kindly call Customer Care on 1800 2662.
Click on the link mentioned below to visit ICICI Bank Prepaid Card self-care portal to login. To create new User ID or Password, click on New User Sign Up. Self-care Portal

Visit change card status tab to block the card.


To report unauthorised prepaid card transactions, please keep the following details handy

Prepaid Card number

Type of transaction e.g. online / purchase / ATM

Date of transaction

Transaction amount


To report unauthorised prepaid card transactions, please keep the following details handy

ATM Card number

Type of transaction e.g. online, at a store, local grocer, cash withdrawal, etc

Date of transaction

Transaction amount


Please ensure you report any unauthorised transaction immediately. The longer the time taken to notify the Bank, the higher will be the risk of loss to you and to the Bank

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